The Catrike Speed Is Fast and Affordable!

The Catrike SpeedĀ is waiting for you to get in the seat and take off! It’s just an awesome trike! Lightweight, nimble, and absolutely a blast to ride! If that wasn’t enough to get your attention, try looking at the price tag on this ride and you’ll see another reason.

Paulo Camasmie is a friend, and relentless in his pursuit of recumbent trike perfection. As a Mechanical Engineer one could almost expect that, but I personally believe Paulo takes it to the next level.

Several of us saw the first red, Catrike Road at Cooper City, Florida, in an HPRA event. Paulo was not competing, just there to let us see his ride. Today, that design has gone through several modifications, and it is a beaut!

I rode the original Road design for 26 miles in 2002 as a test ride, and then another last year in 2003 on the Speed. There are some obvious differences, but what a blast I had on the Speed!

Recently while visiting family I had the opportunity to use a Speed for a week. This time the distance was about 60 miles, so there was more opportunity to enjoy various aspects of the trike.

The frame is lighter than my LWB bike, so it was very easy to maintain speeds of 18-19 mph with very little effort. Shifting was certainly no problem even though I was unaccustomed to bar-end shifters.

I did have one interesting moment at a particular crossing. Not seeing an oncoming car until the last moment,I crammed on the brakes, and promptly stopped almost standing on my feet! That speaks well for the brakes, but I really wasn’t prepared for the forward pitch! Compared to going over handlebars head first I’ll take the other any day.

That trike is so much fun you’ll have to get on and take your own ride. Better yet, go to check out the Catrike Speed 2004 and get one for yourself!

Read all you want because that’s good. Research all you can to be informed. Even if you didn’t do all that, there is really only one way to see if a trike is for you in the first place. Know what that is? You probably guessed it by now. Get your seat in the saddle and ride!

And don’t go for some little ride that only lasts for 4 or 5 blocks! If you get one for yourself you wouldn’t be riding it for just a short distance like that. So rent one for the day. Go to one of the Trails where you can go for 15 or 20 miles or more.

Take into consideration that you will use muscles you’re not used to exercising. Keep in focus that not having to use energy to maintain your balance will give you more energy to ride farther than you might have imagined possible.

No shop close by that carries Catrike? The look for it here. Catrike Speed is lightweight, comfortable, fast, handles like a sports car and really is a blast!

But I hope you won’t believe me! Yeah….really! Because then you’ll have to find out for yourself. If you haven’t been on a trike yet, this is one of the best to try.

Make no mistake that I deliberately said “one” of the best. At the price you pay for these, you would expect excellent workmanship and components. Catrike is one of those that deliver in my opinion. And remember, I’m just an average ‘bent rider like you. My shoes, shirt and helmet go on the same as everyone else.